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- Emergency Access and Response
- Maintenance Requirements


- Parking

- Maintains Segment Character

- Safety

- Land Ownership


- Capital Cost
- Maintenance Cost


- Existing Area Slopes
- Equipment Requirements
- Structures/Facilities
- Roadway Crossings


- Biological
- Aquatic
- Cultural
- Botanical
- Scenic


- Safety and Enjoyment

- Connectivity to recreation centers and points of interest

- Interpretive opportunities

- Scenic overlook opportunities

- Rest stop opportunities

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Evaluation Criteria & Scoring Measures

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Criteria Definition & Data Sources

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Quantitative Scores

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Feasibility Analysis “Step by Step”

  1. Obtained and incorporated relevant layers from TRPA and integrated into the GIS

  2. Identified and digitized points of interest, interpretive, scenic, and rest stop opportunities across the corridor using information from Corridor Management Plan, field visits, and team corridor knowledge

  3. Digitized potential trail crossing locations and driveway/street crossings based on corridor management plan and field visits

  4. Determined overarching maintenance considerations through discussions with internal operations and maintenance staff and experience on trail planning and design projects

  5. Conducted preliminary engineering analysis to determine cut and fill slope locations and length, wall lengths, bridge requirements, and crossing locations based on engineering judgement and trail design experience

  6. Calculated maintenance and capital costs using preliminary engineering analysis and maintenance considerations, as well as trail design and construction experience

  7. Using maintenance considerations, scored and ranked alignments for maintenance-related criteria

  8. Using preliminary engineering analysis, scored and ranked alignments for engineering-related criteria

  9. Using existing GIS layers, conducted visual comparisons to score and rank remaining criteria


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